Frequently Asked Questions

At Trade Chase you can trade the world's biggest brands, currencies, commodities and indexes, such as Apple, Carlsberg, US Dollar, Oil, and the Nasdaq. The aim of the game is to increase your cash balance and move up through the levels to become a Pro. But what if you've never traded before? What if you don't know anything about the stock market? Where do you start? Well here are our answers to your frequently asked questions:

What is stock market trading?

What exactly is the stock market?

A stock market is a place where traders from around the world can buy or sell assets like gold, oil or Coca-Cola. The prices of these assets go up or down depending on a range of factors. For example, if a company announces record profits, you would expect their share price to go up in the next 24 hours. It is just like betting on your favourite football team.

What special knowledge do I need?

None at all. You just need to be able to make a decision. Even if you are a complete novice, you will become familiar with the interface, the assets and how their prices change in your first five minutes of trading.

Is Trade Chase similar to real stock market trading?

Yes. At the heart of every real world trading decision is one simple question - will the asset price go up or down in future. If you believe it will go up, you buy the asset in the hope that it will be more valuable in future. Trade Chase removes all the complex commissions, fees, taxes and terminology and lets you focus on the important basics of trading.

What is Trade Chase?

What is the aim of the game?

The aim of the game is to increase your cash balance, just like trading in the real world, and to move up through the levels to become a Pro. To become a Pro, you must move through 10 levels and achieve a cash balance of $1,000,000. You can fund your cash balance for free at any time through the Rewards page. Alternatively, you can purchase in game cash from as little as $0.99.

Can I win real money?

No. Your cash balance only exists in the game. Any profit you make in the game only exists in the game and cannot ever be withdrawn, even if you use real money to purchase in game cash. However, we do occasionally run promotional competitions where real money can be won. If you win real money, this will be sent to you by BACS or cheque through the mail.

How do the levels work?

You begin at Level 1 and there are ten levels before becoming a Pro. Each level requires you to increase your cash balance by $100,000 but the payout rate for a winning trade falls each level, making it progressively more difficult.

What assets can I trade?

On Trade Chase there are more than 60 assets you trade, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Coffee, Nissan, Barclays, US Dollar, and many more. All of the assets are grouped into categories such as Commodities and Forex.

Are the prices in real-time?

All asset prices on Trade Chase are real world prices in real-time. In addition to the asset prices feed, we also offer a bespoke graphing package on our web site, which shows up to 5 assets at any one time.

What times of day can I trade?

More or less whenever you want to! You can trade currencies and commodities 24 hours a day and you can trade shares whenever the stock markets are open (working hours in Asia, Europe and the USA, depending on where the shares are traded).

Can I monitor my progress?

Yes. In addition to the levels, Trade Chase offers a range of trading stats, such as your biggest win and your longest winning streak. This data is kept forever and is available for you to look at when you wish and share with friends on Facebook. We also collect a great deal more data, so if you want to know something in particular, we will be happy to provide it it we can.

Am I rewarded for my winning streaks?

Yes. When you achieve Hat Tricks (three wins in a row) and Straight Sixes (six wins in a row), we give you extra cash bonuses that increase your profit even further.

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes. You receive $100 of in game cash just for inviting a friend on Facebook, whether or not they sign up. You can also receive bonus cash for other actions on the site, which can all be found on our Rewards page.

Do you have a demo?

Yes. Trade Chase offers a completely free, real-time demo where you can trade gold. It does not require an account, it takes just one click and 60 seconds to complete a trade, and you can play it as many times as you want.

How much does it cost?

All Trade Chase accounts are FREE to open and you can practice for free for as long as you want to. You can even add to your cash balance for free using the Rewards page. If you want to purchase more in game cash, you can do so at any time for as little as $0.99.

Is Trade Chase a binary options website?

Yes. Trade Chase is a binary options web site, where there are two possible outcomes from your trade. It is one of the simplest and most popular forms of trading because it is simple, quick and the potential gains and losses are known in advance.

How secure is my information?

We take data security extremely seriously. All personal and payment information is secured using advanced SSL and a number of other applicable encryption methods.

Can I withdraw my in game cash?

No. Your in game cash balance only exists on Trade Chase and cannnot be withdrawn or transferred. However, your cash never expires and will always be available to trade with on Trade Chase.

Getting started

Where should I start?

We recommend trying out our demo if you haven't already done so. It is quick, very simple and does not require an account.

How do I create an account?

There are two mains ways to create an account on Trade Chase, both of which are very easy. Firstly, you can click on the Register or Create Your Account links and provide a username, country, email address and password and gives you $100 of in game cash for free.

Can I choose my country?

Yes. Your country is displayed on the Activity Feed and you are free to display any allegiance you wish.

Do you have a sign-up bonus?

Yes. If you create your account with Facebook, using our Facebook Register option, you will receive an instant $100 bonus to your in game cash balance.

Do I have to pay real money to open an account?

Absolutely not. It is completely FREE to create an account on Trade Chase and you can make practice trades for free for as long as you want to.